The beginning...

Yarp, it had to happen at some point, I guess.

So, the whole thing was developed using Vuepress, since it provided most of the functionality a blog actually needs, without having to re-invent the wheel. Plus just the fact it's all based on Vue.js made it all much more attractive. Hopefully it'll stay this way for a while.

space, the last frontier
As for the content that will be uploaded here, simply anything that catches my interest. Especially when I'm bored or I simply want to document some of my work and share it with the world. Generally, it's going to be topics related to web (backend/frontend) development, java/android programming, electronics and embedded development (atmega, stm32 family mostly), the weather and Star Trek.

while (breathing) {
  console.log('alive and kicking!')

See you on my next post!